Blazing fast webhosting built on our cloud servers with local SSDs.

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Extremely fast webhosting in The Netherlands

Our web hosting platform is fully powered by the PCextreme cloud. The NVMe drives ensure that your website loads blazingly fast (even faster than SSD hosting). Every second of extra loading times increases the odds for your visitors to bounce, which obviously is not something we want to see. By combining the powerful hosting of PCextreme with your own website optimalizations, you'll be able to achieve website loading times below a quarter of a second. Are you not that into website optmalisation or simply don't really care about shaving off a few milliseconds? In that case you can still count on sub second loading times.

Website hosting for multiple websites in a single package

The more websites you host on your hosting package, the less it costs to host each website. Whether you want to host multiple theme websites around your business or to host your own customers whose website you've built, with the web hosting Plus and Premium plan you can keep the cost per website as low as possible.

Cheap hosting or do you rather go for reliable hosting?

You've probably seen it countless of times: providers that lure you in with insanely cheap web hosting prices only to find out that your websites can't even handle 10 visits a day. This usually happens with any form of unlimited hosting, which may seem like a good choice at first, but soon after you always find out that there are thousands of websites running on a single server. The cheapest hosting is not always the best for your situation. That's why our goal is to create the best webhosting for the lowest price possible, instead of the other way around. The result speaks for itself: web hosting that you can build on.

Meet the family

Behold our product family. Made to strengthen each other and lift our services to a higher level.

What's in the box?

Free SSL encryption

With every website with domain name that you host with us on a web hosting package, you will get a Let's Encrypt SSL certificate for free ensuring safe website visits through HTTPS.

Webmail and IMAP

Create professional email addresses with your own domain name. Email can be accessed using our webmail portal or locally with an email client, such as Outlook.

Static content cache

Static content is automically served from cache, causing your website to load tremendously faster when a visitor visits your website.

Built on our cloud

Our webhosting plans are powered by our cloud platform, giving your websites a boost in speed and reliability.

Choose your PHP version

Rather work with PHP 7.3 or would you like to test PHP 7.4? On our webhosting plans you can always use the latest PHP versions as long as they're supported.

Daily backups

The state of your webhosting plan is backed up daily, allowing us to rollback your website in case of emergency.

PCextreme… who are you actually?

Glad you asked! We’ve been in the hosting game for quite a while as we started all the way back in 2004. What once begun as a hobby that went out of control, has now grown to an IT infrastructure company that hosts a significant portion of the Dutch internet landscape. We primarily let the power of our web hosting speak for itself, as we optimized everything to the last detail. If there’s one thing that defines us, it would be our passion for technology. But don’t worry, as our customer you’ll always be at number one! You can always reach us by email and phone for example, we always love to help out.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you compare web hosting plans between different providers, then at first sight they all look very similar. However, there are large differences and they quickly come to light when you look under the hood.

The web hosting plans that we offer are all powered by our cloud platform. The advantage of this is that you use the power of the cloud without the need of haveing specialist knowledge in-house. After all, that’s what we’re here for. Your website will run on one of our cloud servers that we manage ourselves. The capacity of the server is evenly distributed among the web hosting plans making use of the server, so that constant performance is guaranteed.

We also server static content from our Varnish cache and all traffic on your website is encrypted with an SSL certificate. The cache ensures that static content loads extremely fast and the SSL encryption allows your visitors to safely visit your website.

Yes, with every webhosting plan you have the ability to create multiple email addresses. In case you're not looking to host a website, but you would like to create professional email addresses, then we suggest to see our email only plans.

Daily backups are made of the cloud servers powering our web hosting plans. In case of emergency we are able to restore your website to an older state. That said, we’d like to let you know what restoring your website is a manual process for us, which unfortunately forces us to charge a small fee for service. That is why we always recommend that you make backups yourself, especially when making changes to your website. The backups we make can be seen as a last resort in this case.

Your webhosting plan can be reached by (S)FTP as well as via SSH. By creating an FTP account in the control panel you'll be able to connect to your webhosting plan using a FTP client such as Filezilla. The same goes for SSH, as by creating an SSH account you will be able to use the command line to reach your webhosting plan to maintain and automate your website.

Our webhosting plans consist of products that we also offer individually, allowing you to expand your plan to your desires. A webhosting plan can be expanded with extra webspaces, databases and email addresses.

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer and ensures that the traffic on your website is encrypted. The big advantage of this is that information is sent in a secured manner. For example, if your visitors send messages via a contact form, or make purchases on your website, then the chance is as good as no existent that a third party can intercept this information in a usable form. If someone manages to intercept the flow of data, then that person will only see random characters instead of the actual information.

SSL makes the internet safer place, which we all benefit from. Thanks to the Let's Encrypt initiative, we are able to deliver SSL certificates completely free of charge and we are happy to do so. We even completely stopped selling paid certificates, as the free version is just as good!

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