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SSL Certificates

Transform your website in a safe and trusted environment, without having to reach for your wallet.

Why is an SSL certificate so important?

With an SSL certificate, the traffic between your website and your visitors is secured with an encryption layer, preventing third parties to see what's happening between your visitors and your website. Should data still be intercepted, then they can't do anything with it since they don't have the key to decrypt the data. You can compare it to people speaking a foreign language in your vicinity. You can hear it, but you have no idea what is being said.

The extra security layer that an SSL certificate offers is even legally required in Europe when you process communication or payments through your website. With an SSL certificate you automatically comply with this obligation, in addition visitors will see that your website is secure because of the green lock displayed in the browser.

Free SSL certificates thanks to Let's Encrypt

When you order both a webhosting plan and a domain name you will automatically receive a free SSL certificate from Let's Encrypt, making your website accessible over HTTPS. Should you have your own server then you can install your own Let's Encrypt certificate, however, the easiest way to make your server accessible over HTTPS is by connecting your server with our caching load balancer service, which integrated Let's Encrypt.

What's in the box?

A secure environment

Digital communication between your website and its visitors are secured with an encryption layer, protecting your data at all times.

Raises trust

Your visitors immediately see the green padlock and that your website starts with HTTPS. They know rightaway that data is being handled in a secured manner.

AVG/GDPR ready

With an SSL certificate you fully comply with the obligation of European privacy legislation to offer a secure connection.

Positive for Google

Having an HTTPS connection on your website is one of Google's ranking factors, as they reward websites that value security.

Fully automated

When you purchase both your web hosting plan and domain name at PCextreme, we activate a free SSL certificate for your website.

Free of charge

SSL certificates at PCextreme are generated free of charge through Let's Encrypt, a joint initiative of the most influential internet companies.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, the free certificates from Let's Encrypt are just as safe as the paid ones. As a matter of fact, the certificates are 'only' valid for 90 days, while paid certificates are often valid for 1 year. This seems like a disadvantage, but a shorter validity means that it is even harder for malicious people to penetrate the encryption layer. We then ensure that your certificate is renewed on time with a new certificate.
We currently do not support this yet, but we are working on implementing the wildcard certificates in our systems. However, there is a lot of complexity involved, which makes it difficult to give an expected date.
The reason we only provide free SSL certificates is because we align ourselves with the goals of Let's Encrypt: creating a safer internet with more respect for privacy. Therefore, we strive to make the threshold as low as possible for our customers to make their website accessible via HTTPS. In our view, paid certificates simply do not contribute to this, which is why we no longer offer them.
For a free SSL certificate the domain name needs to be registered with PCextreme and linked to your PCextreme webhosting plan. Also, the nameserver should be directed to PCextreme as well.

With an SSL certificate your website traffic will run through the https protocol instead of http. This means that your website traffic is encrypted and serves as an extra security layer for your visitors.

Secure your website with an SSL certificate

Free with every webhosting plan and domain name.

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