Cloud based S3 compatible object storage for developers and the tech savvy.

Objects is cost efficient, scalable and flexible S3 compatible cloud storage for your website or app. Storage capacity scales automatically, so disk space will never be an issue again. Your objects can be accessed by a simple API call or URL, perfect for developers and the tech savvy.

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Objects pricing

Storage Storage
€ 0,025 / GB / mnd
Downloads Downloads
€ 0,050 / GB / mnd
Request Extra Light
€ 0,002 / 10.000 requests (CACHED GET) / mnd
€ 0,003 / 10.000 requests (GET) / mnd
€ 0,004 / 10.000 requests (PUT) / mnd

Case study: Building Together with Autogespot

Autogespot is a community where car enthusiasts submit spots of some of the most exotic cars found in the streets. The website currently contains more than 900.000 images, which are all served through our Objects service.
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What's in the box?

Data stored on Dutch soil

All data that you upload to Objects is encrypted by an SSL connection and safely stored in the Netherlands, managed by a 100% Dutch company which is subject to Dutch law. In other words, your data will not be easily shared with authorities or taken offline.


An SSL certificate secures the connection between your website and its visitors. All information sent through this connection is encrypted and therefore useless for third parties.

S3 compatible API

Objects comes equipped with an S3 compatible API. This allows other applications to be used in conjunction with Objects, such as S3 browsers, sync software and Wordpress plugins that enable you to serve your content directly from the Objects platform.

Exceptionally fast

Objects is specifically designed to serve objects as fast as possible and uses its RAM memory to achieve that. By serving your content from Objects you're able to boost the performance of your website, since your website will be loaded from multiple locations by your visitors.

Scalable without limits

No matter if you want to upload an object of 10 GB or 10 TB, for Objects its all peanuts. You won't be bounded by limits in any form, which can come in handy when your app or website takes off and suddenly needs more storage capacity. Aurora Objects scales automatically to your needs.

Many use cases

The use cases for Objects are pretty much endless. Whether you have a website with lots of static data, offer uploads to your visitors or would like to set up your own backup service like dropbox, with Objects you will have all the storage capacity you need directly at your disposal.

Scalable cloud storage without limits

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