Operate your servers under optimal conditions in a modern data center.

1/4 Racks

249 /month
  • 16 IPv4 addresses
  • Semi private rack
  • 4 Ampere power consumption

1/2 Racks

374 /month
  • 32 IPv4 addresses
  • Semi private rack
  • 8 Ampere power consumption

1/1 Racks

624 /month
  • 64 IPv4 addresses
  • Full private rack
  • 16 Ampere power consumption

1/1 32A Racks

1248 /month
  • 64 IPv4 addresses
  • Full private rack
  • 32 Ampere power consumption
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Why choose PCextreme's data center?

24/7 data center access

Our data center is opened 24/7 so you always have physical access to your servers. Furthermore, our data center engineers are always on-site to assist you when necessary.

24/7 remote hands

If you are not able to go to the data center yourself you can always rely on the assistance of one of our on-site data center engineers.

On-site data center engineers

With an office right next to the data floor you can count on a fast response of our data center engineers. Our engineers are always available on-site to assist you when required, even outside office hours.

Efficient cooling systems

To keep your equipment cool efficiently our data center is equipped with cooling alleys. Cooling alleys require up to 50% less energy than traditional cooling methods which results in lower energy costs.

Redundant facilities

The network uplinks as well as the power supply for your server are redundantly available (a- and b-feed). Furthermore our data center is equipped with an emergency power supply which can fully provide in the data center's demand for power.

Safe environment

We hold the safety of your equipment in high regard, therefore our data center is protected against theft, fire outbreaks, power failures and flooding and our security personnel is available 24/7.