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Your domain’s very own personalised addresses

Email, plain and simple.

A stand-alone email service enabling you to communicate with the world using your very own domain. Compatible with any mailsoftware on any device, anywhere.

Basic email

3 /mnth
  • 1 Domain
  • 5 Email addresses
  • 5 Forwards
  • 10 GB per account

Medium email

5 /mnth
  • 1 Domain
  • 15 Email addresses
  • 25 Forwards
  • 10 GB per account

Pro email

7 /mnth
  • 1 Domain
  • 100 Email addresses
  • 100 Forwards
  • 10 GB per account

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What's in the box?

Safety first

All your passwords are encrypted and cannot be shared with third parties, even we ourselves cannot decrypt or read them. All your emails are send over an ecrypted connection. Only if the receiver doesn't support it, it will fallback to plain text.


Professional spamfiltering by SpamExperts prevents your inbox from receiving unwanted e-mails. You can fine-tune the filtering to suit your needs using your very own interface.


Access your mail accounts using your browser through our webmail service. OpenExchange, Roundcube or Squirrelmail are all available clients through webmail.pcextreme.nl


Sync your addresses using IMAP on any device, using any software. You can check, send and receive your e-mail anywhere using as many devices as you'd like.

External Delivery

Automatically forward your emails to any external adresses. Useful when mail traffic needs to be sent to multiple addresses, such as within an organization or association.


Fully integratable with all PCextreme products. Build your ideal configuration by combining and scaling any of our services.

Frequently asked Questions

As long as you configure your mailclients using IMAP settings you can synchronize your addresses on various devices.
Backups of your email addresses are generated daily. We do have to inform you that retrieving a backup from our systems is a manual process, which unfortunately forces us to charge a small fee for this. That is why we always recommend that you make backups yourself. The backups we make can be seen as a last resort in this case.

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