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Register a domain name

Why register a domain name with PCextreme?

Transparent prices

Transparency is highly valued here at PCextreme. You can be rest assured that the price you paid for your domain name will stay the same when renewal comes around, without any exhorbitant fees.

Volume discounts

Need more than a few domain names? Then you've come to the right place. Starting at 50 domain names per extionsion, you can count on steep discount prices. Simply contact us for more information.

Secured with DNSSEC

All domain names with DNSSEC support get this option automatically. This is an expansion of the DNS protocol which ensures that man in the middle attacks and DNS cache poisoning are not possible.

Free domain forwards

During the whole registration period of your domain name you'll be able to forward your domain name to any desired web address. Perfect to promote a product or service with a catchy domain name, which ends up at a page on your website.

Free DNS management

In order to make sure that your domain name is linked with the right IP address you're able to make use of our preconfigured DNS templates. Of course its also possible to manage your DNS records on your own.

Easy to use control panel

Your domain names are managed with our easy to use control panel, where you'll be able to set the DNS records, holder details, forwards and nameservers, with only a few clicks.

Check the availability of your desired domain name

This is how you transfer your domain name to PCextreme:

1: Request EPP code

In order to transfer your domain name to PCextreme, its a good idea to inform your registrar so they can unlock your domain. For most TLD's its necessary to request an EPP code, which is sort of a PIN code needed to realize the transfer.

2: Register the domain name here

After you have informed your registrar about the transfer, they unlocked the domain name and you have received the EPP code you're able to register the domain name with us. Simply check the availability of your domain name and register it as a transfer.

3: Set the transfer in motion

After you have registered your domain name as a transfer and we have completed your order, you're able to activate the domain name in the control panel. During this activation you will be asked to provide the EPP code. Simply fill it in and your domain name will be succesfully transferred to PCextreme.