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DNS & Health Checks

An intelligent API driven DNS service which can automatically reroute traffic to available servers using health checks.

DNS & Health Checks explained

DNS & Health Checks is an API-driven and intelligent DNS service which directs traffic based on health checks. By monitoring PCextreme cloud servers (or servers outside our network) traffic can be sent or not based on their availability.


Every domain name has its own DNS zone, a collection of all DNS records of the domain name and references to any zones of its sub domains.


Every domain name or sub domain has its own DNS records, which specify what IPv4 or IPv6 address is associated with the domain name. And of course, Aurora DNS supports all widely used record types (A, A, AAAA, CNAME, TXT, MX, SRV, NS, SOA).

Health Checks

Our DNS service can automatically monitor the health of your servers with HTTP, HTTPS or TCP health checks. When a server is classified as 'unhealthy', Aurora DNS will automatically route traffic to any of your 'healthy' servers.



0 / zone / mth


TTL ≥ 300

0 / record / mth

TTL < 300

0.1 / record / mth


60s interval

0.5 / mth

30s interval

1 / mth

10s interval

2 / mth

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What's in the box?

Full IPv6 integration

DNS & Health Checks is developed with full support for IPv6, both in its DNS and health check functionalities.

PowerDNS as a solid foundation

Aurora DNS is built on top of PowerDNS: a widely used and supported open source DNS package.

Health Checks

Automatically monitor the health of your servers using HTTP, HTTPS or TCP health checks and can determine which servers are available to process DNS responses.

Geographically spread

Aurora DNS is spread out geographically over multiple data centers with redundant network paths, insuring top of the line stability and continuity.

API Driven

Aurora DNS comes with a simple, yet powerful API which lets you manage your DNS records and zones, and allows you to configure your health checks.

TTL < 300

In comparison with most DNS services, DNS & Health Checks supports a minimum TTL of just 60 seconds, allowing for a fast failover to be realized when deemed necessary by your health checks.

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