The Raspberry Pi is a single board computer that stole the heart of many tech enthusiasts. Since late February 2013 we make it possible to colocate your Raspberry Pi in our professional data center. For only € 29,75 a year (€ 2,48 monthly) you'll have your very own Raspberry Pi colocated in a professional data center.

Aside from the fun aspect of having your Pi colocated in a data center you can also use it for useful applications such as a mailserver, monitoring server, XMPP Chat server, VPN Tunnel or a webserver, among others. As a precaution we advise you to not use this service for a professional project. In that case we recommend you to check out Aurora Compute, Colocation or our Dedicated Server products instead.

Send your own Raspberry Pi
2.48 /mo Type: Raspberry Pi Model B (B+ not supported) SD card: Own preference Pre-installed OS: Own preference Order now
Purchase a pre-installed Raspberry Pi
2.48 /mo Type: 512M SD card: Sandisk 16 GB type 10 Pre-installed OS: Raspbian Order now
Full specifications

Complete specs

Send your own Raspberry Pi Purchase a pre-installed Raspberry Pi
Type Raspberry Pi Model B (B+ not supported) 512M
SD card Own preference Sandisk 16 GB type 10
Pre-installed OS Own preference Raspbian
Connectivity 100 Mbit (IPv4 & IPv6) 100 Mbit (IPv4 & IPv6)
Bandwidth 1 TB fair use 1 TB fair use
Average delivery time 90 days* 90 days
Price colocation each year € 29,75 (ex. VAT) € 29,75 (ex. VAT)
Price Raspberry Pi Does not apply € 51,65 (ex. VAT)
Order now Order now
Short specifications

What do you need?

  • - Your own Raspberry Pi, or one of ours
  • - A configured static IP adres
  • - A solid (plastic) case for the RPi
  • - An SD card with bootable OS

What do you get?

  • - 100 Mbit uplink
  • - 1 TB traffic (IPv4 & IPv6)
  • - Free powersupply
  • - The network configurations by email after signing up

Important information

Getting started

Once we receive your Raspberry Pi we'll place it in one of our racks, when the process is done we'll send you an email confirmation and you will be able to start using your Raspberry Pi. The whole process shouldn't take more than a couple of days.


Reboots and reinstalls are performed on a best-effort basis, within an 8x5 time window. Apart from that, we're forced to charge € 20,- for reinstalling of your Pi, in order to cover the time this operation costs.

Supported models

Currently we only support the B version and we are not planning to support newer versions.

Fair use bandwidth

Bandwidth will be on a fair use basis, limited at 1 TB bandwidth per month.

Customer support

Customer support for this product is only offered within office hours (Monday until Friday 9:00 - 17:30)


Abuse originating from your Raspberry Pi, as mentioned in our terms and conditions and abuse policy, will not be allowed.

No physical access

After your Raspberry Pi is placed in our data center facility, you will not have physical access to your Raspberry Pi or the premises.


After termination of service (initiated by the customer or PCextreme) you will have the opportunity to pick up your Raspberry Pi at our data center or to have it send back to you by mail. Shipping fees will depend on your location.