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S3 compatible object storage

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DNS & Health Checks

Intelligent DNS & Health Checks

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Cold Data Storage

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Caching Load Balancer

Cloud load balancing

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Cloud Server vs VPS

At PCextreme we offer various types of servers to suit your needs. One of those options are our cloud servers, these share many similarities with our Standard Servers (aka VPS) but differ in a few key area’s: their high availability function and triple data replication makes them the most reliable server option.

Our Standard Servers on the other hand are most comparable to traditional VPS hosting. No bells and whistles, just raw computational power for a competitive price. They do however, offer some of the same conveniences that you may have grown accustomed to when used cloud services. Just like our cloud servers, they are billed daily and can be deployed within a minute via the control panel or API. These virtual private servers are perfect to use in a cluster, where you use several of these virtual servers to host your webapplication – effectively creating your own high available cluster of servers.

In the end, a cloud server is not necessarily better than a VPS, it all depends what your use case is. If your webapplication doesn’t lend itself to be distributed across multiple servers, then a high available cloud server is an excellent option. If you can distribute your application or if you simple need a simple fast server then you can’t go wrong with a VPS (Standard Server).

What's in the box?

Whether you want to deploy multiple servers with the click of a button or manage them from our control panel, we make sure to give you the tools you need to build your empire.

Precise traffic control

Using our affinity groups you can prevent having your cloud servers on the same physical server. On top of that, you can control which ingoing and outgoing ports should be open.

Pre-made templates

To deploy smoothly, we've built optimized templates for our platform which will suit your needs for 99% of the time. Missing your favourite OS within our pre-built templates? Don't worry, upload an ISO and you'll be set!

Deploy with user-data

Fully automate your provisioning by instructing your virtual machine to execute code on its first boot with cloud-init.

IPv6 support

Aside from an IPv4 address, your virtual server also receives an IPv6 address automatically.

Flexible resources

Scale your website/application horizontally or vertically, by allocating additional RAM or by distributing the load over multiple servers.


Happy with your current configuration? For only € 0,10 per GB each month you can create a snapshot of your config, which you'll be able to use to create your very own templates for later deployment.

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