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Caching Load Balancer

Distribute traffic across multiple servers and serve content quickly from the built-in cache.

Caching Load Balancer in short

Distribute the traffic to your website across multiple servers, serve content quickly from the built-in cache and let servers automatically be taken out of circulation when problems arise. Caching load balancer allows you to scale your platform horizontally, increase speed and warrant continuity. Comes with SSL and IPv6 connectivity by default.

You can choose from different load balancing algorithms to distribute traffic across your servers. In addition, health checks ensure that no traffic is sent to servers that are unreachable. Static content, such as images or javascript, can be served from the built-in cache according to your needs. This decreases the loading times for your visitors and reduces the load on your servers. Finally, caching load balancer provides every attached domain name with an SSL certificate and IPv6 connectivity by default, so your application can be accessed safely by anyone.

Caching Load Balancer

Starting at
  • Distribute traffic across multiple hosts
  • Let's Encrypt certificate by default
  • Optional Varnish Cache
  • Automatic failover due to health checks
  • IPv4 & IPv6 connectivity

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What's in the box?

High availablity

When a server in your cluster is no longer reachable, the health checks ensure that this server will no longer receive traffic. As long as there is a server online, your visitors will only experience minimal disruptions for a brief moment, if any at all.

Health checks

Health checks monitor the status of your servers through a fixed interval. Should a server go down, then the load balancer will only send traffic to servers that are actually online.

Secured by SSL

For every domain name that is attached to the caching load balancer, a free Let's Encrypt certificate is automatically generated for your domain. This means that it's no longer necessary to install your own paid certificate on the server itself.

Caching made easy

The caching functionality ensures that static content on your website is served directly from our caching servers.

Load balancing algorithms

Incoming traffic can be distributed using any of the three available algorithms: round robin, random and sticky.

HTTP/2 support

HTTP/2 is the next generation of the HTTP protocol and enables the use of multiplexing, server push and header compression.

Use cases

Process high volumes of traffic without problems

By using multiple servers for a single website, you can easily process high volumes of traffic without problems.

Easily update web servers without downtime

Quickly update a web server without your website going offline? You can by disconnecting a server from the load balancer and add it again afterwards.

Make your website high available

When a web server fails, it automatically stops receiving traffic from the load balancer, allowing the remaining servers to take over.

Frequently asked questions

Random load balancing directs traffic to any available server.

Round Robin load balancing distributes inbound traffic across the available servers in a set order. This cycle continously repeats itself.

Sticky load balancing ensures that a returning visitor lands on the same server again. This is extremely useful when user sessions are present on your page as is the case when using a shopping cart, for example.