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Manager Server Case

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When the vitality of a business is explicitly reliant on the availability of a website or app, a Managed Hosting solution is the logical choice to make. The most commonplace example is the webshop. There are direct consequences to every moment a webshop is unreachable; missing out on sales and possible advertising investments that end up being fruitless.

Regardless, there are many small businesses currently experiencing considerable growth, demanding more and more from their server solutions, possibly rendering their current setup inadequate. A website with an increasing number of visitors and an ever-expanding database simply requires more capacity in order to guarantee endurance of business operations.

Studio Dircken & C-Cinema

One such scenario arose for advertising agency Studio Dircken. Their customer, C-Cinema, had been experiencing uptime issues with their server which had been responsible for several services: their website, the online ticket-system connected to all three separate cinemas, and the databases feeding the information screens at the cinemas.

The case

Implementing this many services on one single server is bound to go wrong eventualy. One malfunction might cause the website, the ticket system and the database to go offline. Unfortunately, this is exactly what happened. A hard limit caused the entire platform to stop responding at peak moments, several times a month. On top of that, the amount of allowed connections between the SQL database and the information screens in the cinemas was very limited.

In short, the current system was not reliable, jeopardizing the momentum of the cinemas’ growth.. About time to make some changes, it would seem. Commisioned by Studio Dircken, we have created a managed server specifically configured to fix the issues C-Cinema was experiencing, paving the way for future growth.

What did we build?

To C-cinema it was essential to subdivide their individual services. Therefore, we have configured a managed server which contains the website itself, as well as the databases driving the information screens at the cinemas. The ticket-system has been outsourced to a third party, delivering a brand new piece of software to sell tickets.

Taking into account the quality of our Managed servers, as well as the possibility to upscale capacity at a moment’s notice, the chances of overloading the servers are virtually non-existent. In the unlikely event that the server does not respond for some reason, it will restart within another segment of our Cloud automatically. On top of configuring and maintaining the managed server, Studio Dircken is able to contact us 24/7, in case of emergency.

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