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When you truly believe in your venture, the question is not if your business will grow, but how fast your business will grow. In order to anticipate surprises during the growing phase, and really prepare for the future, EventArise chose to utilize a Managed Cluster and build a brand new online event platform.

To EventArise, it is imperative that their website performance is optimal en reliable at any point in time, regardless of the amount of traffic. Demands for a hosting solution were pretty straightforward: the highest possible availability and the possibility to scale, making sure the hosting solution wouldn’t become a bottleneck, stumping the business’s growth.

High Availability

EventArise requires their hosting plan to maintain the highest availability possible. To achieve this, we have built a cluster divided across three servers, geographically spread amongst three different datacenters.

Thanks to this distribution the website remains online whenever one server, or in a worst case scenario, an entire datacenter, goes awry. If this occurs the alarm bells immediately go off and our experts can nurse the cluster back to health. The beauty in this is that the site’s visitors will not notice this at all, the website will be up and running at all times.


Another crucial requirement for the hosting solution was scalability. When you’re really gaining traction there’s nothing more inconvenient than having to stop proceedings for maintenance, halting momentum completely. By utilizing a cluster solution we are able to add multiple servers at any point in time, without any downtime.

The Results

Besides configuring the three servers of which the cluster consists, we’ve also incorporated several optimizations in order to meet demands.

For instance, the web application is powered by a database which receives data from three different servers. In this case, it is important the database doe not get corrupted. To make sure it doesn’t, we have implemented a MariaDB Galera cluster, which makes sure all three databases are in sync at all times.

The website has been fitted with Varnish caching software, and takes advantage of Aurora Objects as well. Both additions make sure the actual webservers are alleviated, resulting in more benefits using less resources. On top of that, we monitor the servers 24/7 and preemptively create backups every day.

Building Together

Because the event platform was in its formation stages we had the luxury of really being able to collaborate and advise on the technical aspect of the platform. By building together we can really create the best result and find the perfect solution for all parties involved.

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