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Simple bulk cloud storage built for securely storing your backups and archiving data in general.

What is Archive?

Archive is built for storing copious amounts of data without costing a fortune.

With Archive we focus purely on storing data and is mostly intended to be used as a data archive, for example backups. Because of this focus we're able to offer a terabyte of storage for € 10,00 a month, no matter how often you store or retrieve data.

Where can you store your data?

With Archive you can choose to store your data in Amsterdam, The Hague or Barcelona.

1 TB

10 / / mth

2 TB

20 / / mth

5 TB

50 / / mth

10 TB

100 / / mth

25 TB

250 / / mth

50 TB

500 / / mth

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What's in the box?

(S)FTP and SSH

With support for both (S)FTP and SSH you can access your data using the command line or external tools like Duply, RDIFF and SSHFS.

Multiple locations

With locations in the Amsterdam, The Hague and Barcelona you are free to choose where to store your data.

Fixed price per GB

With Archive you're only charged for the amount of space you chose and always with a price of one cent per GB, which comes down to € 10,00 per TB.

No limitations for retrieving data

With Archive you can store and retrieve your data as many times as needed without additional costs.

Accessible over IPv6 & IPv4

To help increase the adoption speed of IPv6, Archive be fully accessed over IPv6. Connecting over IPv4 is also possible of course.

Built for handling big amounts of data

With plans from 1TB up to 50TB, we can accommodate most storage needs right of the bat. Need more? Just let us know and we’ll get it sorted.

Frequently asked questions

No, we only charge for the amount of space that your Archive storage volume consists of. How often you store or retrieve data has no impact on the monthly price.
Yes, absolutely! This function is turned off by default, but for both new and existing volumes you can enable the creation of regular automatic snapshots for your volume through the control panel.
Archive is a service where you can store and retrieve large amounts of data using FTP and SSH with adequate speed.
While both services allow you to store data, they do have their differences. Archive is meant for archiving your data using FTP/SSH to access your online storage volume(s) and is not meant to serve data from. Objects on the other hand is built to serve data, such as images, videos or any other static assets. Serving data from Archive is possible, but its far from optimal. The power of Archive lies within its very low price per GB, which is 25x lower than that of Objects, allowing you to store large amounts of data for the lowest price.
The storage platforms behind Archive use ZFS in a raidz2 configuration. We use active scrubbing and perform checksums on all data. That said, data stored on Archive is not replicated to other physical storage nodes. This means that if the platform ever becomes unavailable, then so will your data be (however small of a chance it is). For mission critical data we advise to use multiple locations and store your data in Amsterdam, The Hague or Barcelona.

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