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Cloud servers with 3x data replication and high availability

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Built for integrity and scalability

High availability

Eliminating downtime is possible in theory, but in the real world it gets real expensive real fast. So we went with a more practical solution. If your server goes down, it will automatically reboot itself elsewhere in the cloud within minutes. Even when you're asleep.

3x data replication

Because Stamina doesn't store your files on a local disk, we're able to replicate your data across three different disks automatically. This means that even when one or two disks fail, your data is still secure and will replicate itself again to meet the 3x requirement we set.

Vertical scaling

No one knows what the future holds, so how do you choose the best configuration for your needs? Well, with Stamina you don't have to. You can scale your memory and storage capacity up and down at any moment. You can even add new disks or scale your existing disks up to one terabyte a piece.

Rather scale horizontally?

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Plans & Pricing

Aurora Stamina Compute offerings

Stamina 4G

    4 CPU cores - 4 GB RAM - 5 TB traffic - 20 GB SSD


Stamina 8G

    4 CPU cores - 8 GB RAM - 10 TB traffic - 20 GB SSD


Stamina 16G

    8 CPU cores - 16 GB RAM - 10 TB traffic - 20 GB SSD


Stamina 32G

    8 CPU cores - 32 GB RAM - 10 TB traffic - 20 GB SSD


Stamina 64G

    12 CPU cores - 64 GB RAM - 10 TB traffic - 20 GB SSD


Frequently asked questions

We built Stamina for those who can't afford to have their server bail on them. With Stamina, we combined our expertise of over a decade with the best hardware there is. If you're looking for a cloud server with built in redundancy, Stamina is for you.
With Stamina your server is automatically high available, has its data replicated three times on different disks and is able to scale up and down to your needs. Because of these features, Stamina is really flexible and more reliable when it comes to your uptime and data integrity than any other cloud server.
Stamina just has more under the hood than Agile has. When we're storing your data three times on our SSD pools, reserving enough capacity to move your server to another hypervisor when disaster strikes and continuously renewing Stamina with the latest hardware, it simply has to come from somewhere.
For every Stamina server we offer an uptime expectation. When the technical availability of your Stamina server is lower than 99.95% we will refund a portion of the monthly price. For more information on the details of our uptime expectation, please visit our community.
Yes! For both Agile and Stamina you will have four hours to test your virtual machine from the moment its deployed. Want to test on a larger scale? Let us know and we'll happily try to find a solution together with you that will suit us both.
Your virtual servers will be billed daily, but charged monthly. This way you'll have the convenience of paying just once a month and you will only be charged for the days you've actually used your server. Do note that a full day is billed when your cloud server has been up for longer than the testing period.

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