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Aurora Compute features

All features for both Agile and Stamina servers

Get started

Available in two flavours

Blazing fast VM's with local SSD storage or high available VM's with block storage. We call them Agile & Stamina.

Realtime deployment

Gone are the days of waiting to have your server deployed. With Aurora Compute you're up and running within minutes.

Full API access

We built an awesome control panel to fit your needs. Still need more? Hit up our API and the world is your oyster.

Push button snapshots

Like your current config? Create a snapshot and you'll be able to save it forever.

IPv6 prefix delegation

Every VM you deploy will get its own /64 IPv6 subnet assigned. That's about 18 sextillion IPv6 addresses!

SSH key management

Passwords are great and all, but SSH keys are even better. Within our control panel you can easily manage them.

Security groups

Define exactly which ingoing (ingress) and outgoing (egress) ports should be open.

Affinity groups

With our affinity groups you can prevent having your cloud servers on the same physical server.


Fully automate your provisioning by instructing your virtual machine to execute code on its first boot with cloud-init.

Optimized pre-built templates

To deploy smoothly, we've built optimized templates for our platform which will suit your needs for 99% of the time.

ISO deployment

Missing your favorite OS within our pre-built templates? Don't worry, upload an ISO and you'll be set.

Create your own template

Using a previously made snapshot, you're able to create your own template to deploy with.

Enterprise SSD's

Our Enterprise grade SSD's feature power loss data protection and consistent levels of high performance.

High availability Stamina

Your VM will automatically restart elsewhere in the cloud within minutes when the host machine goes down.

3x data replication Stamina

We replicate your data across three different disks. This means your data is still secure when two disks fail.

Data center locations

Miami Agile
Los Angeles Agile
Amsterdam West Agile & Stamina
Amsterdam East Agile
Amsterdam South Expected in Q2 2017
Tokyo Agile
Barcelona Agile

Optimized pre-built templates

Deploy faster by using one of our proven templates. If your favorite OS is missing, you're also able to upload any ISO you need.







Frequently asked questions

The sky's the limit! However, for new accounts there are a few limitations that we put in place. If your account is new, you're able to deploy five servers with in total 200 GB of storage. Need more? Just ask!
Our local SSD servers, also known as Agile, are servers that we built with speed and simplicity in mind. They are perfect to use when you want to distribute your application over multiple servers.

Our high available block storage servers on the other hand, also known as Stamina, are built with integrity and scalability in mind. Your data gets replicated three times, you're able to scale vertically and your server gets automatically rebooted in the cloud within minutes when the mother machine goes down for whatever reason.
To get started, sign up for an account or login when you're already a PCextreme customer. After confirming your email address, phone number and payment method, you'll be granted access to the Aurora Compute control panel where you can deploy new servers and manage them.

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