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Local SSD cloud servers with six data center locations

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Built for speed and distribution

Fast local SSD storage

We all love speed, especially when it comes to our VM's. That's why we built the fastest VM's we could, for the lowest price possible.

Six data center locations

Being able to ship your code to where your visitors physically are is a powerful thing. With locations in Europe, the United States and Asia we've got you covered.

Perfect for distribution

Whether you want to scale your application or add more resilience, with Agile you can achieve this by deploying more servers and giving each server a specific task.

Rather have a server with built in redundancy?

Check out Stamina

Plans & Pricing

Aurora Agile Compute offerings

Agile 512MB

    1 CPU core - 0.5 GB RAM - 1 TB traffic - 20 GB SSD


Agile 1G

    1 CPU core - 1 GB RAM - 2 TB traffic - 20 GB SSD


Agile 2G

    2 CPU cores - 2 GB RAM - 2 TB traffic - 20 GB SSD


Agile 4G

    2 CPU cores - 4 GB RAM - 5 TB traffic - 20 GB SSD


Agile 8G

    4 CPU cores - 8 GB RAM - 10 TB traffic - 20 GB SSD


Agile 16G

    4 CPU cores - 16 GB RAM - 10 TB traffic - 20 GB SSD


Frequently Asked Questions

Agile is built for anyone that values speed and affordability. These components also make Agile perfect for distributed applications. Instead of running everything in a single virtual machine, we recommend creating task specific servers such as web servers and database servers to add more scalability and resilience to your application or website.
With Agile you have the ability to deploy a local SSD cloud server in six zones across the world for the lowest price possible. With Agile we encourage you to scale horizontally by deploying more servers, instead of scaling vertically by adding more resources to your server (which is the case for Stamina).
Yes! For both Agile and Stamina you will have four hours to test your virtual machine from the moment its deployed. Want to test on a larger scale? Let us know and we'll happily try to find a solution together with you that will suit us both.
Your virtual servers will be billed daily, but charged monthly. This way you'll have the convenience of paying just once a month and you will only be charged for the days you've actually used your server. Do note that a full day is billed when your cloud server has been up for longer than the testing period.

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