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Sign up for the Caching Load Balancer Beta!

Enter the beta and help us to get this service ready for production!

What is the purpose of the beta?

Our newest service, called Caching Load Balancer, is almost ready to be launched. Before we actually launch it though, we want to make sure that everything is working as intended. Should you encounter a bug or when something is unclear, then we love to hear your feedback so we can improve the service.

How can I enter?

The only prerequisite to participate in the beta is that you have a verified PCextreme account. To sign up you only need to enter the same email address you used for your PCextreme account in the form below. Don’t have a PCextreme account yet? In that case, sign up for the beta and create an account afterwards with the same email address used to sign up for the beta. On September 3rd, we will give your account access to the new service so you can test it to your heart’s content.

Fill in the email address of your verified PCextreme account in order to participate