Open Source

PCextreme & Open Source

We make use of Open Source software or rely on open standards in delivering our products and services, wherever we can. It enables us to operate largely vendor independent and it offers us maximum flexibility.


By using Open Source software we are not tied to specific software vendors. Therefore we can be agile and flexible in the fast moving hosting industry.


We are able to commit to Open Source software or change elements to suit our needs. We thereby contribute to the improvement of the software we use, in favour of the Open Source community and ourselves.

Our help

To support the use of Open Source software we host a diversity of software mirrors on our network. We also commit to several Open Source software projects we use to run our services.

Let us sponsor your Open Source project!

We encourage you to contact us if you are developing an Open Source software product. We can offer you our hosting services for free or at a reduced price.

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Our commitment to Open Source projects:

Ceph storage

Ceph is a distributed object store. With Ceph it's possible to setup a SPOF free filecluster up to an exabyte (1000 petabyte) with regular disks. For the Ceph project we wrote the CloudStack integration amongst other things.

Apache CloudStack

CloudStack is the software behind Aurora Compute, which allows you to deploy and manage an instance. For CloudStack we contributed various commits and we're part of the Project Management Comittee.

Ubuntu and Debian Mirror

On we provide an official Ubuntu Linux mirror from our own network for the community since 2006. About 1 TB worth of traffic is downloaded daily.

Raspbian Mirror

Raspbian is an operating system based on Debian Wheezy and is specially developed for the Raspberry Pi. Our preconfigured Raspberry Pi's feature Raspbian by default. As an appreciation for the OS we host a mirror for the community.

Raspbmc mirror

Raspbmc is an operating system based on Raspbian which allows you to use your Raspberry Pi as a mediacenter using XMBC. PCextreme provides a 2000 Mbps mirror for the community.

Sponsoring of projects

PCextreme sponsors many open source projects by hosting their website for free for an indefinite period of time. Are you working on an open source project? Feel free to contact us and see what we can do for you.