PCextreme's network

A fast and reliable connection to the internet is a key element in the services PCextreme provides. Because of this we operate on a modern and redundantly equipped network with full IPv6 support. Our transit and peerings provide us in our high need for network speed and connectivity, all around the world.

Our routers are configured redundantly and are connected to multiple 10Gbit connections to the internet. Our core-network operates solely on 10Gbit so we can always provide in our customers' demand for high speed network connectivity. In case one of our routers fails, traffic is routed to different stand-by routers. PCextreme is a registered NL-ix/Open Peering member and our network is connected to high-grade Tier1 transits like TeliaSonera and NTT Communications. Open Peering provides us access to nearly all AMS-IX routes. Our network operates on a variety of Juniper, Brocade, Cisco and Extreme Networks devices.

Network specifics

PCextreme's network consists of multiple different layers like our layer 2 core network on which our BGP routers are interconnected. We have two BGP routers operational in the Nikhef and Telecity 5 datacenters to which our Transit and Peering are directly connected. Our equipment in the Nikhef datacenter is connected to TeliaSonera (Transit) over 10Gbit/s and NL-ix/Open Peering (Peering), also over 10Gbit/s. In Telecity we operate on dedicated lines to NTT Communications (Transit) and IX Reach (Transit) over 10Gbit/s.

Our network is divided into different separated layer 2 networks which makes our network very robust. The networks in our Gyro Center DC2 and Switch datacenters make use of multiple different zones, each zone has access to two redundant BGP routers which are connected to our core BGP routers over redundant dedicated lines. These routers also function as the internet gateways for our layer 2 networks.

Certain zones can operate in multiple datacenters. These zones provide the ability to create highly available failover setups between different datacenters.

DWDM network

DWDM stands for Dense Wave Division Multiplexing. This technique is used to operate multiple different optical channels on a single fibre cable by transmitting different wavelengths. This allows us to get the most out of our Amsterdam fibre ring and it allows us to separate our backup- from our primary network. PCextreme offers connectivity in four different datacenter locations in Amsterdam. In Nikhef and Telecity 5 we use OADM (Optical Add Drop Multiplexers) which allow us to connect the Gyro Center DC 2 datacenter directly to the Switch datacenter.

Direct connections by way of DWDM: