About us

"We believe that open technology should be available to anyone."

It’s not easy building a city without proper roads, the same is true with building digital products. Without good and affordable infrastructure you’re already at a disadvantage. Using our creativity, technical knowledge and our Dutch nature, we’re building affordable web services, or rather infrastructure, that empower our users to create.

By building together, our users are able to move faster. Including ourselves.

Open and Honest

When doing business, we like being able to look each other in the eye. Our way of achieving that is by being open and honest. We have no hidden agendas, nor hidden costs. What you see is what you get.

Passion for innovation

Once something is built, it doesn’t mean something is done. New technologies are being developed at a rapid pace. Keeping up and implementing them is what we live for.

Technologically skilled

We don’t claim to know everything. Though, when highly technical problems come our way, they won’t last long. As a company we’re a bunch of highly technical people, so you don’t have to be.

Safety and Security

When thinking about your online data, security is as important for us as it is for you. We are not willing to leave anything to chance, from your personal information, to the way we internally share information, safety first!

Our timeline

February 2020

Phase out old webhosting platform

October 2019

Launched AMD epyc cloud

August 2019

Introduction of chatbot Rutger

March 2019

Our new knowledgebase is live

January 2019

Launch of our new webhosting platform

July 2018

Opening of our new Antwerp zone

March 2018

The control panel is completely renewed and modernized

January 2018

PCextreme is acquired by Total Webhosting Solutions

May 2017

PCextreme keeps growing! The PCextreme headquarters relocated to a new location in Vlissingen.

October 2016

Webhosting plans now receive an SSL certificate by default thanks to Let's Encrypt.

February 2016

The Aurora Cloud family has expanded with two new cloud services: Aurora Objects & Aurora DNS.

February 2015

PCextreme added over 260 domain name extensions available to register.

January 2014

PCextreme 10 year anniversary!

August 2013

PCextreme launched Aurora Compute.

April 2013

PCextreme started offering free Raspberry Pi colocation, with over 2.500 Raspberry Pi's soon to follow.

January 2012

DNSSEC enabled on all domains names registered with PCextreme

June 2011

PCextreme launched its value VPS product line, later to be substituted by Aurora Compute.

January 2011

After saying goodbye to Windows Exchange, PCextreme is now fully powered by Linux.

May 2010

PCextreme moved to its own suite in the GYRO Center DC2 data center in Amsterdam.

June 2009

First IPv6 address online at PCextreme.

January 2009

Time flies when you're having fun! PCextreme celebrates its five year anniversary.

September 2008

Cextreme is still growing rapidly, serving over 20.000 customers in 2008.

February 2007

PCextreme moved to its own office. Proudly serving over 15.000 customers!

December 2005

PCextreme introduced two new services: colocation & dedicated servers.

January 2004

PCextreme officially registered as a company in January, serving 2000 customers within the next year.

August 2003

PCextreme was founded in Lennert's bedroom, in between school hours.