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About us

“We believe that open technology should be available to anyone.”

It’s not easy building a city without proper roads, the same is true with building digital products. Without good and affordable infrastructure you’re already at a disadvantage. Using our creativity, technical knowledge and our Dutch nature, we’re building affordable web services, or rather infrastructure, that empower our users to create.

By building together, our users are able to move faster. Including ourselves.

Our core


Saying we're technical is almost an understatement. We know how things work and how to adapt to the ever evolving technological landscape, keeping not only ourselves in the avant-garde, but our users as well.


Our open mentality doesn't always work in our favor, but it does provide us with consistency in the things we say and do. Instead of sugar coating problems away, we choose to rip the bandaid off and throw things out in the open.


One of the upsides of being technical is that we're able to achieve our goals in the most efficient way possible. By automating everything we can, we deliver high quality web services for less.


The products we offer enable our users to build something. Anything. Aside from offering these products, we also proactively share our knowledge with anyone working on a project that they'd like us to help with.