About us

  • Affordable hosting since 2004

    PCextreme offers a competitively priced range of quality hosting services since the year 2004. A regular, 250 megabyte, Shared Webhosting product would set you back around 10 euro's a month. PCextreme set a new pace at the time, by offering these services for a groundbreaking 1 euro a month. Anno 2017 we still stick to the philosophy of adding as much value as possible for our competitively priced products.

  • Open and transparent

    We are straight to the point and always try to put our customers before ourselves. Misleading our customers or setting unclear expectations is not something we're fond of and you shouldn't be either. With that in mind you can expect transparent pricing on our website, as low as they may be, without ifs and buts. If you do have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Over 45.000 satisfied customers

    We have build up a solid base of over 45.000 satisfied customers in the last decade, registered around 80.000 domain names and we host over 100.000 websites within our infrastructures. Cool figures, but what matters the most is the large group of loyal customers who, after 10 years, are still with us today.

  • Own infrastructures, spread over multiple DC's

    Our infrastructure, and the valuable equipment of our customers, is stationed in and spread over multiple datacenters in The Netherlands. We have engineers on site or within short reach to ensure rapid response and flexibilty. Our locations are EUE certified to meet strict environmental requirements.

  • Facilities

    Read up on the technical details of our data center and network infrastructure.

    Our facilities
  • Open Source

    We are an active user of and contributor to a variety of Open Source software projects.

    Our open source policy

Working at PCextreme?

Every company has its own culture and with PCextreme its no different. Our team gets closer and closer due to the many getaways per year such as go karting, bowling or misbehaving in a bungalow park during the weekend. In the meantime we work our butts off, we build the most gigantic sandwiches during lunch and bulge out with a few rounds of foosball or by taking a walk to score some vitamin D. Every once in a while we end the week with a LAN party, having us returning to our real life spawn points no sooner than 4 AM.